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Weather change equals product change

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Do you remember to change your day cream according to season and weather?

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    The seasons change, and fortunately the weather does too. We replace the car’s winter tires with summer tires, the wardrobe’s winter clothes with summer clothes, therefore we also have to replace our winter creams with summer creams. In the winter, many of us use a thicker and more oily cream and in most cases, a day cream “for dry skin”, but have you considered whether these creams are right for you in the summer? The skin more often becomes drier in the winter due to the cold, which also means that we need creams for dry skin, but when the weather gets warmer, you will probably no longer need creams for dry skin.

    Our best advice is that when the weather changes, you take an extra look at your skin care products and find out if there are any of the products you need to replace with summer products. We have an army of 13 effective day creams, but in order for this not to become a longer and tedious write, we will not go into the smallest detail about each and every product.

    To young people

    You may have heard it, but our Superfruit line is dedicated to the very young skin. And why is it so? The line is made and developed for those who experience the very first fine lines and who want to preserve their young skin as long as possible. You’re probably thinking, “how do you define in young?” And we would like to try to answer that. We define young, for all those who are under 30 and who still have a very young and fine skin, but with the first signs of fine lines. It can also be for the very young, who do not yet have a skin care routine, but who are suffering from impurities. In winter, as a youngster, you will need Superfruit Day Crème for dry skin. In the summer, you will most likely be able to use Superfruit Day Crème for all skin types. It is a moisturizing day cream that strengthens and preserves the skin’s properties to stay young and smooth. By using this day cream, as a young person you will find that the visibility of the first fine and mimic lines is reduced. And why is the line called Superfruit? It does so because the cream is enriched with three natural extracts from the nutritious Superfruits: cranberries, green tea and leaves from apple trees. The positive effects of these superfruits on the skin are due, among other things, to their high content of antioxidants, which have a protective effect on the skin cells, while at the same time optimizing the skin’s renewal processes, moisture level and preventing impurities and redness.

    To 30+

    If you are just a little older than young, you are suffering from redness or rosacea, then you may need to switch to Crème Paradoxe. So do you have to go straight from the Superfruit line to the Paradoxe line the day you hit the age of 30? No, of course not. You need to switch to the Paradoxe series if you want to strengthen your skin, reduce redness and wrinkles and fight sun damage.

    Crème Paradoxe is based on a high content of two highly active substances procyanidin and resveratrol, which delay the aging process, fight and prevent the causes of redness, and restore a healthy and robust skin. This cream is good all year round, especially after the summer and the sun’s harmful rays, as it repairs sun damage.

    For 45+

    Are you an adult? A real adult? We define 45 as being young, but an adult. If you feel that your skin has become a little loose, there are a few more wrinkles than usual, perhaps you have bags under the eyes then the Symphonique Day Cream is absolutely perfect for your skin. It is available for all skin types and for dry skin, so this day cream can also be changed according to the seasons.

    Crème Symphonique is a moisturizing day cream with advanced nanotechnology, which already on application has a beautifying effect on the skin’s surface, and which then penetrates deeply with a rich palette of anti-age ingredients, each with its own specific long-term effect. The ingredients each have a rejuvenating and rebuilding effect, which provides the optimal, rejuvenating skin care for the adult skin.

    Perfume-free day cream

    Do you want a lot of moisture, but without perfume? We love our moisturizing day creams, so do our customers, which is why they have now come in a perfume-free version. The Moisturizing Day Crème For Dry Skin provides an intense and long-lasting moisturizing care, specially developed for dry and sensitive skin, whereas the Moisturizing Day Crème For All Skin Types is developed for normal and combination skin. It ensures that the skin maintains a high level of moisture for many hours, it softens the skin and protects the skin from aging.

    For men

    Of course, men must also use a day cream and men can easily use all other day creams, than the one made in our Masculinity line. Masculinity Moisturizing Day Crème is ideal as a moisturizing day cream for men, because it adds and retains lots of moisture. It penetrates quickly into the skin and makes it naturally soft and has a strong moisturizing effect throughout the day. This way it does not get dirty and sticky a lot, which makes it easy to use.

    Our three wonders

    These three wonders are no less good than the other day creams, in fact, these three are very popular, but they can not be categorized at an age like some of the others. These three each have their important role depending on what your skin needs.

    D-force Risk Management makes it possible to supply the skin with completely natural vitamin D, which the skin very often does not form itself, because we are now all focused on the fact that too much sun can lead to skin cancer. Vitamin D is formed only in the skin and the latest research concludes that deficiency of vitamin D in the skin can lead to very serious health problems. This product also does not contain perfume.

    Crème Lactique, which we also consider the AHA, gives the skin energy, glow and vitality, especially after a long and cold winter. It exfoliates quite easily with lactic acid and leaves the skin with renewed energy. This cream can be used both as a day and night cream as a gentle anti-aging cure that also provides moisture to the dry skin.

    Oil-free moisturizer is, as the name implies, oil-free. It is ideal for combination / oily skin, as it has a light consistency that ensures a matte surface and provides a good base for makeup. In addition, it makes the skin soft without being oily.

    Remember sunscreen, especially in the summer

    In addition to day creams, you should also, especially in summer, use a good sunscreen for your face. We recommend this so that you do not get sun damaged skin.

    Stay Beautiful is a modern and luxurious sunscreen for face and décolleté, which both protects against the sun’s rays, but at the same time also adds a double anti-aging effect to the skin. The composition of sun filters in Stay Beautiful protects against both UVA and UVB rays and prevents the sun damage that damages and ages the skin prematurely.

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