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Anti-Age & anti wrinkle cream

Postpone the skin’s ageing process with a highly effective anti-age cream.

From the age of 25 your skin starts to age. Gradually the first lines emerge, and your natural formation of collagen and elastic fibres decreases. The result is that your skin loses its strength and elasticity.

As your skin gets thinner, drier and less elastic with age, there is greater need for an effective anti-age cream to delay the ageing process and keep your skin young and well moisturised.

By choosing a Beauté Pacifique product, you are choosing a product that works. Our products are based on a scientifically-proven transport system that makes sure the effective ingredients penetrate the deep layers of the skin, enhancing the skin’s natural repair mechanisms and regeneration processes.

You can see the effect of the creams in the mirror, but we can also prove the effect of the products on your skin with an advanced ultra-sound scan at your local dealer.

You can see here when we will next be visiting your local dealer.

Crème Symphonique Night-Time
$ 125
Clinical Super3 Booster
50-100 ml.
From $ 140
Moisturizing Day Creme SPF15 - all skin types - perfume free
$ 58
SuperFruit Skin Enforcement Night Creme
$ 78
SuperFruit Skin Enforcement Day Creme - All Skin
$ 58
SuperFruit Skin Enforcement Day Creme - Dry Skin
$ 58
Crème Symphonique Day-Time, Dry Skin
$ 115
Masculinity Anti-Age Creme
$ 100
Masculinity Moisturizing Day Creme
$ 70
Vitamin A Anti-Wrinkle Eye Creme
$ 58
Puffy Eyes Gel
$ 55
Crème Paradoxe
$ 80
Submersive Serum Paradoxe
$ 78
Crème Paradoxe Night Creme
$ 100
Line Combat Fluid
$ 70
D-Force Anti-Age Day Creme
Vitamin A
Super3 Booster
50-100 ml.
From $ 80
Crème Métamorphique
$ 80
AHA + Vitamin C Glow Creme
$ 80
Symphonique Micro-Needling Perfusion Therapy Treatment Kit
$ 23
Crème Symphonique Day-Time
$ 115
Crème Lactique AHA Anti-Wrinkle Cream
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