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Body Care

Do you want healthy, beautifully cared for skin?

Our products are designed to nurture and strengthen the skin to retain its balance, staying young for as long as possible.

The skin is the largest organ of the body and has a vital barrier role to play. Its job is to protect the body from external influences, while maintaining moisture and heat. Our products enhance this barrier function, providing the body with the best possible protection. Our wide range features products to suit every need. If you wish to give your skin extra nourishment and moisture or to replenish and repair the entire thickness of the skin, or if you are looking for a problem-solver, we have the perfect product for your skin type.

Stay Tanned Self Tanning Lotion
R 700
SuperFruit Moisture Skin Enforcement Serum
R 1,250
Scars & Stripes
R 1,499
X-Tra Dry Skin Fix
R 850
Mild Shower Gel
R 700
Moisturizing Body Lotion - dry skin
200-500 ml.
From R 800
Enriched Hand Creme
50-100 ml.
From R 500
Moisturizing Body Lotion - normal skin
R 800
La Forte
R 1,900
D-Force Moisturizing Body Creme
R 1,200
Anti-Cellulite Gel
R 850
Pit Stop
R 499
Pack & Travel Kit Masculinity
R 490
Pack & Travel Kit Anti Aging
R 490
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