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Day creme

We protect your skin

Our day creams are designed to protect your skin against the many external influences it gets exposed to every single day.

And it is important because skin needs to retain heat and moisture, and protect your body against all those external influences. Healthy, strong, intact skin is a better barrier against external influences – and ages more slowly.

Do you have doubts about which day cream to choose? Get a free ultra-sound scan and consultation with one of our many expert consultants.



Moisturizing Creme - all skin types
3, 50, 500 ml. Bottle w/pump, Jar, travel size, Tube
R 700
Moisturizing Creme - dry skin
50-50 ml.
From R 700
Oil-Free Moisturizer
40 ml. Dispenser
R 750
SuperFruit Skin Enforcement Day Creme - all skin types
50 ml. Jar
R 780
Stay Beautiful
50 ml. Tube
R 800
Crème Paradoxe
50 ml. Jar
R 1,330
SuperFruit Skin Enforcement Day Creme - dry skin
50 ml. Jar
R 820
D-Force Anti-Age Day Creme
50 ml. Jar
R 1,485
Crème Lactique AHA Anti-Wrinkle Creme
50 ml. Jar
R 1,120
Masculinity Moisturizing Day Creme
100 ml. Tube
R 850
Pack & Travel Kit Masculinity
R 490
Pack & Travel Kit Anti Aging
R 490
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