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Skin problems

Do you want a healthy skin with a clear and even skin tone?

Perhaps you have eczema, dry or spotty skin, psoriasis or rosacea which are some of the skin problems many people suffer from and live with every single day. For some people, the skin ailments can be so bothersome that it limits them in their daily life. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

In terms of effectiveness, our skincare products are on the borderline between a cosmetic and medicinal product. This means that the products can really make a difference for precisely your skin, whether you experience big or small skin problems daily.

Clinical Super 50 High SPF
$ 78
Clinical Super3 Exfoliator
$ 70
Clinical Super3 Booster
50-100 ml.
From $ 117
Vitamin A
Instant Hydrating Mask
$ 62
Oil-Free Moisturizer
$ 60
Vitamin A
X-Tra Dry Skin Fix
$ 52
Masculinity Purifying Foam Cleanser
$ 42
Enriched Hand Creme
50-100 ml.
From $ 36
Deep Pore Cleansing Mask
$ 38
Vitamin A
Scars & Stripes
Cleansing Foam
$ 42
Masculinity Double Action Facial Scrub
$ 49
Shampoo - Nourishing
Vitamin A
Crème Paradoxe
$ 112
Submersive Serum Paradoxe
$ 98
Crème Paradoxe Night Creme
$ 135
Vitamin A
Defy Damage Skin Repair Serum
$ 98
Vitamin A
Crème Métamorphique
50-115 ml.
From $ 97
Moisturizing Body Lotion - dry skin
200-500 ml.
From $ 60
Mild Shower Gel
$ 41