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Use a serum to give your skin a concentrated boost of vitamins and active ingredients

Does your skin care routine already include a serum? If not, then here you learn why a serum is a wonderful accompaniment to your skin care products.

A serum contains a high concentration of extremely effective ingredients, aimed at optimising the effect of your skin care products.
So if you would like to enhance the effect of your day cream, you should supplement it with a serum.

You need to apply your serum on freshly cleansed skin and allow it to penetrate completely before applying your day cream.



Intensivwirkendes Anti-Aging-Serum
30 ml. Spender
Vitamin A
Stark wirkendes Anti-Aging-Serum
3-40 ml.
Kostenlose Lieferung bei Bestellungen über 60 €
1-4 Tage Lieferzeit
Bis zu 14 Tagen Rücksendungsrecht