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Clinical Super3 Niacin Laser Prep Creme

81.62 Incl. BTW
50 ml. Tube 

Provides extra efficiency to non-ablative IPL/laser treatments

Clinical Super3 Niacin Laser-Prep Creme is used as prep-treatment to non-ablative laser/IPL treatments. The cream dilates the blood vessels for better light energy absorption and added production of collagen as stimulated by IPL/laser treatment.
Prep-treatment with Niacin Laser-Prep typically increases the collagen synthesis rate by 30 % (Peter Bjerring, Marselisborg Hospital).
The content of Niacin in the cream leaves the skin with a noticeable, light glow for about a day following the IPL/Laser treatment.

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    50 ml. Tube
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