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Beauté Pacifique awards the friendships

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    Beauté Pacifique awards the friendships
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Beauté Pacifique just awarded the annual Amalie-scholarship to Natasja Hørup

Some students are great at math, some at english – and then there are those special persons, who (also) are great friends.
Friendships are what makes the minutes, days and years the students spend at school extra special. That is why Beauté Pacifique each year honors a student that is particular aware of her fellow students well-beeing at the local high-school near the Headquarters in Denmark.

This year the scholarship was awarded to the 18 year old female student Natasja Hørup, who was pointed out by her classmates and her teachers. Natasja is always aware of her classmates well-being, she has a positive attitude and an ability to make the most out of any situation.

About the scholarship
– The Amalie-scholarship was established in 2006 in Denmark
– The scholarship amount is 1500 kr (200 euro) 

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