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Tips & Advises
Do you use your eye cream correctly?
Avoid your eye lids, when you apply your eye cream. Always. Get our best tips for applying your eye cream correctly
New in the Paradoxe line!
Crème Paradoxe Night Creme: Specially developed for dry or sensitive skin
Need help choosing your night cream?
Our easy guide to choosing the night cream that suits your skin type
Do your skin care products work?
How can you see if the products you’re using are really doing their job?
You are safe to stay outside when using our Vitamin A products
Our unique formulation of Vitamin A esters makes our products safe to use in the sun
Beauty Favorite awards to our two new Paradoxe products
Award-winning products
Beauté Pacifique products win readers awards
The BBC visits Beauté Pacifique
New video about our unique concept
Vegan skin care
Did you know that we have vegan skin care?
Symphonique Advanced Anti-Aging Dermatology - a True Masterpiece!
Groundbreaking series that plays on all the anti-age strings of the skin care universe