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Masculinity – the skin care line for men

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Skin care products for the quality-conscious man

Effectiveness and good looks are key words for Beauté Pacifique’s skin care products for men – which go under the name, Masculinity.

The Masculinity line is created for the quality-conscious man who prioritises both skin care routines and great results.

The special thing about our men’s products is that they are not oily, they are very quickly absorbed into the skin and their fragrance is just fantastic. The series oozes masculinity – right down to the smallest details. Even the packaging is targeted precisely for men and all the products are in a black, stylish design.

Consequently, the Masculinity line sweeps away all the excuses for NOT taking care of your skin.

The Masculinity line consists of four products:

Face cleanser, which removes excess oil and effectively cleanses without drying out the skin. Take it with you into the shower, foam it up, apply it to your face and then put your head under the shower to rinse off the product.

Scrub, which removes dead skin cells and exfoliates the skin so it gets a fresh appearance.

Moisturizer, which adds plenty of moisture – entirely without leaving an oily residue.

Anti-Age cream, which prevents and repairs changes from aging and sun damage. Use it in the evening.

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