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Skin problems / Impure skin

Adult acne

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Control your adult acne with the correct skincare products.

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    The face is one of the first things we notice first when we meet other people. So when the face is marked by acne and you are 26 years old like Anne Sofie, then you are even more self-aware in social contexts. In Projekt Hudhjælp (the Help my Skin Project), we help Anne Sofie get skin she doesn’t need to hide away.

    – I feel I have ugly teenage skin and this signals an unhealthy lifestyle. And I don’t, explains Anne Sofie to Mie, Beauté Pacifique’s skin expert.

    Anne Sofie is tired of constantly thinking more about what she looks like or hiding behind her hair when she is together with other people. In the Help my Skin Project she gets the experts’ advice on how she can improve her skin solely by choosing the right skincare products.

    Watch the video and discover the skincare that helped Anne Sofie.

    “I am not quite where I want to be. But I’m close. I can just about go to school without wearing make-up.”

    Anne Sofie after the Help my Skin Project.

    Anne Sofie before and after using the recommend products for three months.

    The products that helped Anne Sofie

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