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Category: Magazine

The BBC visits Beauté Pacifique

In March, the British BBC visited Beauté Pacifique’s headquarters to make a video about our unique concept and how our products help with various skin disorders, thus providing a higher quality of life for users. The result was the following great presentation video that gives insight into who Beauté Pacifique is. Watch the video here: […]

Award-winning products

Not only one, but tow of our absolute favourite Beauté Pacifique products was awarded as best product in their categories at the Danish Costume Award show “Beauty Favorites 2019” in Copenhagen on November 1st. Our all time favourite face mask the Instant Hydrating Mask won the category “Best Face Mask” and our Super3 Booster won […]


Not only one, but both of our two new products in the Paradoxe line took it home at the COSTUME Award show “Beauty Favorites 2018” in Copenhagen on October 29th. Our Crème Paradoxe Anti-Age Night Creme won the category for “Beauty Sleep” and our Paradoxe Anti-Age Eye Creme won the category for “Eye Care”. Beauty […]

Best night cream of the year

Amazing news! The newest member in the Paradoxe-line, the popular Crème Paradoxe Night Creme was awarded “Best night cream of the year” in Sweden at the Beauty Oscar 2019. Beauty Oscar 2019 is a prize awarded by the beauty editors at Aftenbladet to Scandinavia’s best skin care and makeup products. The editors describes the Crème Paradoxe […]

Vitamin A

We Love Science The skin is our biggest organ, and we need to take good care of it. Not just to look good, but also to stay healthy and protect it from dangerous free radicals that derive from e.g. air pollution, sun light and cigarette smoke. Our skin is exposed to many outer factors each […]

Do your skin care products work?

With more skin care products, brands and trends appearing every day, it is incredibly confusing to find a line that is compatible with your skin and more importantly, works to produce the results you are after. Meet DermaScan, our ultrasound technology that scans the full depth of the skin, including the collagen fibre structure, to […]

20 years with Beauté Pacifique

You are safe to stay outside when using our Vitamin A products

We are often asked, if you can stay in the sun when using a cream with Vitamin A? The short answer is: Yes! You can. At least with the Beauté Pacifque Vitamin A products. You have might heard, that Vitamin A products makes your skin thinner and more sensitive to the sun. But those products […]

Masculinity – skin care for men

Effectiveness and good looks are key words for Beauté Pacifique’s Masculinity line created just for men. The Masculinity series is created for the quality-conscious man who prioritises both skincare routines and great results. The special thing about our men’s products is that they are not oily, they are very quickly absorbed into the skin and […]

Need help choosing your night cream?

Do you find it difficult to choose the right night cream? It doesn’t have to be. Get our easy guide to choosing the night cream that suits your skin type. Normal skin If you have normal skin, you should take a closer look at our Crème Métamorphique. This scientifically documented night cream contains two kinds […]