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Facial Care

Do you want healthy, beautiful cared for skin?

Our products are designed to nurture and strengthen the skin to retain its balance, staying young for as long as possible.

The skin is the largest organ of the body and has a vital barrier role to play. Its job is to protect the body from external influences, while maintaining moisture and heat. Our products enhance this barrier function, providing the body with the best possible protection. Our wide range features products to suit every need. If you wish to give your skin extra nourishment and moisture or to replenish and repair the entire thickness of the skin, or if you are looking for a problem-solver, we have the perfect product for your skin type.

One Step Cleansing & Moisturizing Water
$ 38
Gentle Facial Exfoliator
$ 35
Deep Pore Cleansing Mask
$ 35
Bio-Dermabrasion Peeling Wipes
$ 60
Instant Hydrating Mask
$ 58
Oil Free Moisturizer
$ 55
Moisturizing Day Creme - Dry Skin
50-50 ml.
From $ 55
Moisturizing Day Creme - All Skin
50-50 ml.
From $ 55
Cleansing Foam
$ 38
Enriched Toner, Dry Skin
$ 35
Cleansing Milk, Dry Skin
$ 35
Vitamin A
Vitamin A Anti-Wrinkle Eye Creme
15-15 ml.
From $ 58
Puffy Eyes Gel
$ 55
Crème Paradoxe Eye Creme
$ 58
Submersive Serum Paradoxe
$ 78
D-Force Anti-Age Day Creme
Defy Damage Skin Repair Serum
$ 78
Crème Métamorphique
$ 80
Cleansing Milk, All Skin Types
$ 35
Enriched Toner - All Skin Types
$ 35
AHA + Vitamin C Glow Creme
$ 80
Crème Paradoxe Night Cream
$ 100
Crème Symphonique Night-Time
$ 125
Symphonique Micro-Needling Perfusion Therapy Treatment Kit
$ 23
Symphonique Eye Zone Gel
$ 70
Crème Symphonique Day-Time, Dry Skin
$ 115
Cherry-Luscious Lip Balm Rich & Soft Anti-Age
$ 22
Serum Symphonique
$ 85
Crème Symphonique Day-Time
$ 115
Cherry-Luscious Lip Balm (Repair & Care)
$ 22
SuperFruit Moisture Skin Enforcement Serum
$ 55
Masculinity Hair and Shower Gel
$ 35
Micellar Cleansing Water
$ 38
Masculinity Anti-Age Night Cream
$ 100
SuperFruit Hydrating Face Mist
$ 45
SuperFruit Skin Enforcement Day Cream - Dry Skin
$ 58
SuperFruit Skin Enforcement Day Cream - All Skin
$ 58
Masculinity Moisturizing Day Cream
$ 70
Clinical Super3 Exfoliator
$ 55
Clinical Super3 Booster
50-100 ml.
From $ 140
SuperFruit Skin Enforcement Night Cream
$ 78
Masculinity Purifying Foam Cleanser
$ 37
Masculinity Double Action Facial Scrub
$ 45
Stay Beautiful
$ 45
Line Combat Fluid
$ 70
X-Tra Dry Skin Fix
$ 48
$ 45
Scars & Stripes
$ 95
Crème Lactique AHA Anti-Wrinkle Cream
Vitamin A
Super3 Booster
50-100 ml.
From $ 80
Crème Paradoxe
$ 80

Protect your skin with basic facial care

A daily skin care routine is necessary in order to maintain healthy and beautiful looking skin for the rest of your life. In order to maintain healthy looking skin you have to nurture and care for the skin with ingredients made especially for your skin type.

Some may spend a long time on skin care, while others might want to quickly get this out of the way. It is important to cleanse and nurture the skin every day, in order to retain the most optimal protection from external influences.


Use products that suit your skin type

You should always use products that protect, strengthen and nurtures the skin. But most importantly, you should always use products that suit your exact skin type.

You can determine, which skin type you have by studying your face in the mirror. First of all, you should clean your face free from all products and not apply any kind of cream subsequently. Wait approximately half an hour and then study your face in the mirror.

Is it mostly shiny or is it mostly dry? Do your skin feel oily, or do you feel that the outer layer of the skin peels off? You might feel a combination, where the skin feels oily in the T-zone but dry on the cheeks.


In general there are four skin types:

Normal skin, dry skin, oily skin and combination skin.

You can also have a notably sensitive skin type, where you cause an irritation or redness if you do not use mild products. Always choose skin care products according to your skin type, or you are in risk of worsening the problems you already have, or irritate it so much that it causes redness.


Let us help you determine your skin type

We offer ultrasound scanning in selected stores various times a year. Find out, where you can find us next and book a time for ultrasound scanning of your face.

We can also help you figure out, which products suit your skin type best, and which products you should use to maintain young and healthy skin.


Cleanse and moisturise every morning and night

Your face is exposed to many external influences such as pollution, sweat and dirt from the air on a daily basis. Therefore, it is important to use skin care products that provide protection from these outer influences.

Make your skin care routine a natural part of your day. Make it a habit to use cleanser and moisturiser every time you brush your teeth to make it more easy to remember.


Basic facial care routine

The first part of your facial care routine is to use a good facial cleanser at night. It is important to clean your face from sweat, make-up and possibly dirt to avoid clogged pores.

Repeat this step in the morning as well.

Use a day- or night cream that suits your skin type after cleaning your face. Use moisturising cream for dry skin treatment and anti-aging products if you want to prevent wrinkles. Anti aging skin care products are designed to slow down the aging process, therefore, making your skin look radiant for longer.


The difference between day- and night cream

There is a big difference between day- and night cream, which is why it is important that you use a day cream in the morning and a night cream at night.  

A day cream is developed to protect your skin from sunlight, frost and pollution. It sort of sets up a barrier on your face making it difficult for the outer influences to penetrate the skin.

A night cream on the other hand is developed to replenish the skin during the night. It sort of rebuilds the skin preparing it for the next day’s outings. A night cream will, therefore, prepare the skin for the external influences that it will come in contact with the next day.


A supplement to your daily routine – scrubs and masks

As a supplement to your daily skin care routine you can give your skin extra care with scrubs and facial masks.

Exfoliating masks, moisturising masks and deep cleansing masks give your skin an extra boost of nutrition. Your skin will then better accept the ingredients from your skin care products.

A face scrub exfoliates the skin and removes the top layer of dead skin cells and bacteria.  At the same time it cleanses the pores and stimulates the skin to form new and fresh skin cells. Use a face scrub once (or twice) a week to get the best results.


Facial masks for ekstra skin care

A facial mask is applied to the skin for a limited period of time. They come in many variants and in general you need them all. Use a face mask roughly 1-2 times a week when you feel that your skin needs a bit more care.

In summer it is refreshing to use a moisturising mask. This will cool your skin after a long day in the sun, when you feel a bit dried out.

Deep cleansing facial products are perfect for the days, when your skin feels extra oily.

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