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Vegan skin care

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Did you know that we have vegan skin care?

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    Do you have a vegan lifestyle and are you looking for effective and vegan skin care products so you can take care of your skin while staying true to your philosophy of life?
    Read along and get to know our vegan products.

    We have over 50 products in our line – and although it takes a lot of different ingredients to create our wide range of facial creams, body lotions, shampoos etc. we actually only use five ingredients of animal origin in total. In the products where we use ingredients of animal origin, we do it only because these ingredients are the safest and most effective alternatives.

    We see a lot of different ways to define vegan among our customers around the world. In our skin care universe, we define vegan skin care products as products that do not contain ingredients of animal origin for instance honey, Propolis, Lanolin or collagen.

    It would be so easy if you could just read the list of ingredients on a product to determine if a product contains ingredients of animal origin. Unfortunately, it is often not stated on the ingredients list if a product contains animalistic, plant-based or synthetic ingredients.

    We have listed our vegan products below to make it easy for you to choose:

    Vegan Cleansers
    Cleansing Foam for All Skin Types
    Alcohol free Tonic for Dry and Sensitive Skin
    Mild, Astringent Tonic for All Skin Types
    Masculinity Cleansing Foam for All Skin Types
    Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover
    One Step Moisturizing Cleansing Water
    SuperFruit Micellar Water

    Vegan Eye Creme
    Puffy Eyes Gel
    Paradoxe Eye Creme

    Vegan Masks and Exfoliation
    Deep Pore Cleansing Mask
    Gentle Facial Exfoliator

    Vegan Day Creme, Sera and Face Mist
    Submersive Serum Paradoxe
    SuperFruit Moisture Enforcement Serum
    SuperFruit Day Creme – All Skin Types
    SuperFruit Day Creme – Dry Skin
    Mild AHA Creme
    SuperFruit Face Mist
    D-Force Risk Management Day Creme
    Serum Symphonique
    Creme Symphonique Day-Time

    Vegan Night Creme
    SuperFruit Night Creme
    Creme Symphonique Night-Time

    Vegan Body Care
    Corpus Paradoxe Body Oil
    Softly Exfoliating Body Scrub
    Mild Shower Gel
    Anti-Cellulite Gel
    Masculinity 2in1 Shower Gel
    D-Force Body Creme
    X-tra Dry Skin Fix
    Hand Creme

    Vegan Hair Care
    Conditioner – All Hair Types
    Shampoo – Fine Hair
    Shampoo – Normal and Dry Hair

    Vegan Sunscreen
    Stay Outside
    Stay Beautiful
    Stay Natural
    Stay Cool After Sun

    Vegan Deodorants
    Pit Stop

    Vegan SOS Products
    Tyrostase Pigment Equalizer
    Scars & Stripes

    Vegan Lip Care
    Cherry-Luscious Lip Balm Repair and Care
    Cherry-Luscious Lip Balm Peppermint 
    Cherry-Luscious Lip Balm Vanilla