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The Story about Beauté Pacifique

On the border of North Jutland. Just outside of Hadsund. Surrounded by trees and with a lake in the backyard, you will find Flemming. The yellow farmhouse has been rebuilt several times since, but this is where it all began in 1997. At that time, when Beauté Pacifique was still just a dream, wife Margith considered working for herself and the three children Christian, Jens and Amalie, were still just children.
-It was a big decision as we embarked on our adventure, and it was a decision the whole family made together. We knew it would be exciting — but it would also require a lot of long work days, so it was important that we all thought it was a good idea. In this way, it also became our joint project, says Flemming.

Homemade creams
23 years have passed since then, and the time when Flemming and Margith made creams in the kitchen at home, and the entire family sat around the coffee table on Saturday nights to put labels on the tubes, is now just a fond memory. The trees have grown, and so have the children. Beauté Pacifique has also become an adult and worldwide company that successfully develops and sells proven skin care products.

Generation Succession
Beauté Pacifique and GMPack are the cornerstones of the effective skincare products. Beauté Pacifique markets and sells the products, GMPack produces them — and the products are developed in close cooperation between the two companies. At Beauté Pacifique, Flemming and Amalie are a permanent part of management, where father and daughter manage the company’s daily operations and development in close and targeted collaboration. At GMPack, Margith and Christian are at the forefront of the production of, among other things, Beauté products and packaging of medicines and supplements, which the company is also certified to carry.

The generation succession is in full swing in both companies, with Flemming and Margith handing the helm to Amalie and Christian. Only the fifth member of the family, son Jens, does not have a hand in the daily business. He had other dreams that led him down a different path, but he still follows the adventure with just as much commitment as he used to stick labels on the tubes in front of the television on Saturday nights at home in the living room.
-We talk about a lot of things other than work when we are together. But nevertheless, it is a common interest we have — and it ties the family together in a very special way, says Amalie.

Skin care manufacturer by chance
Beauté Pacifique is known both at home and abroad as Danish skincare, which works effectively to counter the signs of age and against sun damage. But how the Jutland family set out to develop skin care with proven effect was actually a bit of a coincidence. You can see that and much more in this exciting video where Cecilie Frøkjær, famous Danish TV-host,  interviews Flemming in connection with the company’s 20th anniversary.

Over the years, Beauté Pacifique has benefited from exciting visits from near and far. In 2011, HMQ Queen Margrethe Beauté visited Pacifique’s private clinic in connection with her summer trip around the country. The week leading up to the royal visit, PET (the Danish Security and Intelligence Service) came around the clinic several times to check safety levels so the Queen could safely move around the clinic. Ministers, mayors and businessmen have also made their way to Hadsund to meet Beauté Pacifique.
And this year, the BBC sent a television team to Hadsund to record a video about the company:

On a date with Beauté Pacifique
Beauté Pacifique is Danish right down to the last drop of cream in the jar and the products are some of the best selling in Denmark. Therefore, there is always a lot of interest in the company, the products and not least Amalie, who is not only co-owner of the company, but who is also, day-by-day, taking over more and more control of the company. Would you like to get to know Amalie better? Then check out where My Beauty App Guide has invited Amalie on a date to talk about skincare: (Note: we will add subtitles next week)

Did you know the following about Beauté Pacifique?
• Founded by Flemming K. Christensen in 1997
• The effects of the products can be measured objectively via ultrasound scanning and seen in the mirror.
• It is free to get personalised advice on choosing the most suitable product based on the skin’s current status. Book your appointment here.
• It is free to have a re-scan in which the before and after images are compared to see the effect of the products.
• There are almost 50 products on the shelves today, and approximately 35 employees work in development, sales and marketing.
• Production and quality assurance take place at the sister company GMPack, which is GMP certified for pharmaceuticals
• Beauté Pacifique’s products are manufactured under the same GMP quality control, even though there are no requirements for cosmetic products.
• Beauté Pacifique has its own private medical skin clinic, “AMBULATORIET”.