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In our personal data policy you can read about how we process your information in Beauté Pacifique.
We always register, process, store and delete personal data in accordance with applicable legislation.

Data Controller
Beauté Pacifique ApS is responsible for the processing of your personal information.
Our contact information is as follows:

Beauté Pacifique
Smedevænget 10
DK-9560 Hadsund
+45 98 57 31 00

What is your information used for?
We process your information for the following purposes:

Categories of personal information
We process the following categories of personal information about you:

Processing basis
We process your personal information as described above, based on the following processing basis:

How do we store your information?
We always store your information so it is only accessible to the employees and sub-data processors, if any, to whom it is relevant. As a basis, we store your information in an electronic form.
The exception to this is our customer records which are typically found in physical form with a large number of our distributors. We have entered into data processing agreements with those of our distributors who have our Customer Records – and these distributors have been instructed in how to use and store the records.

For how long do we store your information?
As a basis, we store your information for five years. If the legislation dictates another basis for a longer period of storage, this may occur.
The information we have registered about you in our Customer Records is stored for two years.
The ultrasound images you have asked us to save are stored as long as you require.

Your rights
In accordance with the Personal Data Regulation, you have the right to insight into the information we have about you – as well as rectification of the information, deletion of personal data (see below), data portability and:

You can withdraw your consent (if your consent formed the basis for the data processing) if,

You can make use of your rights by directing enquiry to us at
There may be conditions or limitations to these rights. Therefore, it is not certain that, e.g. you have the right to data portability in the specific case, or that your objection will be complied with – this depends on the specific circumstances in connection with the processing activities.