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Our special fragrances are tolerated by even sensitive skin

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The Beauté Pacifique fragrances are developed, so they are tolerated by almost everyone - even those with sensitive skin

In Beauté Pacifique we add fragrance to some of our products because we believe that a nice fragrance is a benefit and adds value to the product.

The Beauté Pacifique products and our special developed fragrances are tolerated by almost everyone.
Our mission is to help anybody who wishes a better skin – and therefore it is important that our products have both the desired effect and are free of unwanted side effects.

There is much talk about possible allergy problems throughout the use of perfume. Therefore we get our perfumes specifically and very carefully designed, so that they are tolerated by almost everyone – even those with sensitive skin.
Our products are developed in close collaboration with dermatologists and these dermatologists all support that we add good and attractive scents to the products.

It is a fact that most allergies are caused by natural substances such as pollen, nuts, shrimp, milk, flour, lemon, orange, lavender, tomato, essential oils and contact with animals such as dog, cat, bird and horse.

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