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Tired of having cellulite?

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    Wrinkled skin, flappy arms, cellulite, flaccid and dented skin – dear child has many names.
    Get the dented cellulite on your thighs, arms and buttocks away and get ready for summer!

    Say goodbye to cellulite

    Cellulite occurs when fat cells accumulate in small fluid-filled cavities in the connective tissue of our subcutaneous skin. Over time, it will cause the skin’s elastin and collagen to be reduced. The structure of the subcutaneous skin will thus become more hard and stiff. In addition, a kind of waves will occur in the subcutaneous skin due to the accumulation of fat, which can be seen as bumps and unevenness on the surface of the skin.

    How can I remove and prevent cellulite?

    Roll & butter
    There are several things that come into play, but if you use the right skin care products, you are already well on your way. You can give your cellulite an effective treatment with Anti-Cellulite Gel from Beauté Pacifique. The Anti-Cellulite Gel contains active ingredients that work down in the skin and provide a clear reduction of water retention, thereby decreasing cellulite. So if you dream of airing your legwear or putting on a sleeveless blouse without thinking about hiding the unpleasant, bothersome cellulite, then you just have to start with our two simple steps: roll & butter!

    You need to apply our Cellulite Roller once or twice a day to your cellulite affected area by simply rolling the roller back and forth. Then apply your Anti-Cellulite Gel from Beauté Pacifique with massaging movements.


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