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Have you met our Specials yet? Let’s give you a quick introduction.

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    Meet Our Four Specials

    Although our four specials may not be new to the range, it’s always nice to have your memory refreshed – or, if you haven’t met them yet, get an introduction to them.

    There are skin types of all sorts – and some skin types need extra care. We want to help the people in need of a little extra care. Maybe you want to reduce redness or stretch marks? Or maybe you are experiencing extreme dryness, and are looking for a product that maintains a high level of moisture in your skin?

    Either way we have products that will help you take extra good care of your skin.

    Line Combat Fluid

    Line Combat Fluid – “Like an iron smoothing out the folds and furrows on your skin”
    The Line Combat Fluid irons out the skin’s folds and furrows – and it does it very well! You could say that it’s like ironing out the wrinkles on your shirt.

    It smooths out the expression lines that inevitably appears on your face and it does so by having a dual muscle relaxing effect achieved by two different ingredients. One is a synthetic and modified Snake Venom that paralyzes the muscles, and the other is a flower extract that blocks the neurotransmission going to the muscles – both of which leaves the underlying expression muscles in-activated. So, if you’re not quite ready for Botox, but you want to smooth out the wrinkles on your face – this will do the trick for you.

    X-Tra Dry Skin Fix

    X-Tra Dry Skin Fix – “SOS to your skin”
    This cream works wonders when it comes to moisturising the skin. It has a strong, moisturising effect because of its high concentration of Squalane.

    Squalane provides a greatly increased moisture level, which makes the skin soft for many hours, and when working together with the content of Vitamin A, the skin becomes much more robust.

    You can use the cream in your face, on dry hands, or when your nose is getting a bit too raw from blowing it often. It is a life saver when your skin is dried out!

    In addition: It feels relieving when applying it on irritated skin, e.g., eczema or psoriasis.

    Scars & Stripes

    Scars & Stripes – “Fading away your scars and stretch marks”
    If you want your scars and stretch marks to fade away, then our Scars & Stripes is the key to a smooth and scarless skin!

    It is a remarkably effective cream that prevents and treats scars and stretch marks! The cream works by four different active substances – each designed to reduce redness and to normalize the lost tissue structure that makes scars and stretch marks visible. The cream also contains three different active Vitamin A esters that rejuvenate and soften the skin with a powerful anti-age ‘boost’ for better elasticity and a more uniform skin surface.


    Tyrostase – “Brown Pigment Equalizer”
    Are you experiencing hyper-pigmentation on your skin?

    Our Tyrostase is a brown pigment equalizer made to whiten out hyper-pigmented skin and even out blemished skin. You can use it directly on hyper-pigmented spots or go about it in a more systemic way. The cream contains a sunscreen to prevent the skin from darkening further as well as Vitamin A, which is anti-ageing!

    It’s also perfume / fragrance free – so you’re not taking any risks.

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