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How does a serum work?

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Read about the amazing abilities of the serum

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    The amazing properties of the serum

    Beauty experts talk a lot about the amazing abilities of a serum, but why really? How does serum work and how to use it properly?

    You can hopefully get a little wiser on that below. In addition, we guide you to specific serums for specific skin types at the bottom of the post.

    What is a serum?

    First of all, it is important to establish that a serum differs from creams as the serum consists of smaller molecules than moisturizer. Thereby, serum can penetrate deeper into the skin and transport the nourishing active ingredients with it deep below the surface of the skin.

    Is a serum necessary for my daily skin care?

    A serum contains a more concentrated amount of the active ingredients than a face cream, giving you a more in-depth and effective care and treatment of specific skin problems

    For example, it may be that your day cream works against both dry, impure and aging skin at the same time. It is really good because it gives you a more comprehensive care of your skin and you protect the skin from several different factors. However, if you have a specific skin problem that you would like to treat, then you can instead apply a facial serum that is targeted to the problem.

    How to use a serum for the face?

    A face serum is a concentrated gel that is very easy to use. Due to the very high concentration of active ingredients, it is really only necessary to apply a few drops daily.

    How to apply your serum:

    1. Place a few drops of your serum on the palm of your hand and use your fingertips to gently smear it all over your face and along your neck.
    2. Let it dry for a moment (possibly while brushing your teeth or similar)
    3. Then apply your face cream

    A serum will penetrate the skin quickly if you do not use more than a few drops at a time. It is important that you always use your serum before your cream, as the cream has a barrier function that will prevent the serum from penetrating into the skin. In return, it is important to finish with a face cream as it moisturizes the skin, seals the serum and adds a protective barrier to the top layer of skin.

    You can easily apply several serums at once if you have several skin problems you want to remedy. You can use two serums and apply them on top of each other, but you can also apply the individual serums in different places on your face – where the problem is.

    Which serum should I choose?

    We recommend that you choose a serum that first and foremost suits your skin type. Read our guide on how to find your skin type here. Next, choose your serum based on what problems you are struggling with and what you could use extra help for.

    Best serum for dry skin:
    For mature and dry skin, we recommend our Submersive Serum Paradoxe, which contains Chilean grape seed oil extract and two types of vitamin E. This nourishing serum has an anti-aging effect, protects and moisturizes the skin, while it is good for smoothing the surface of the skin, so it immediately appears completely ready for make-up.

    Best serum for impure skin:
    We recommend our SuperFruit Moisture Enforcement Serum for young skin that has impurities and suffers from redness. This serum especially goes in and strengthens the skin’s barrier, so it protects extra against external influences, as well as against drying out. This serum contains Papain, which is our new advanced exfoliation system that gently removes dead skin cells and refreshes the skin’s natural glow.

    Best serum against wrinkles:
    Give your skin a powerful moisture boost and the latest in anti-aging peptide technology with our Serum Symphonique. This serum contains peptides that enhance the skin’s own ability to produce hyaluronic acid, strengthen the skin’s defense ability against both visible and invisible light, and smooth out fine expression wrinkles. This serum adds extra moisture to the skin right away and your skin will then stay at a high moisture level for the rest of the day.

    Best vitamin A serum:
    We recommend our Defy Damage serum if you are looking for a serum with vitamin A. The vitamins A in the serum especially counteract wrinkles, fight sun damage and make the skin silky soft. It is therefore also particularly suitable as an anti-aging serum. This product is very light in consistency and so it does not grease, which is why it is very popular among men.