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Eczema put a stop to the dream education

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The skin on Emma’s hands was so damaged that she could no longer attend her education programme.

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    When Emma registered for the Help my Skin Project, it was a cry for help. Severe eczema on her hands and arms meant that she couldn’t complete her dream education to become a baker because her damaged skin could not tolerate the frequent hand washing in the bakery.

    At that time Emma was 20 years old and the dry, cracked skin on her hands felt so tight that it was difficult to stretch and bend her fingers. In the Help my Skin Project, Emma met Beauté Pacifique’s skin expert, Gitte, who scanned Emma’s skin and compiled a skincare programme that would get Emma’s skin back in balance so Emma’s skin would no longer limit her in daily life.

    Watch here how it all went.

    “It’s going really well. I feel as if I have brand new skin. I haven’t had cuticles for a year; they have come back now.”

    Emma, 30 days into the Help my Skin Project

    The products that helped Emma

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