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Get rid of dry and itchy skin

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Do you have dry and tight, itchy skin? Strengthen your epidermis with the right products so your skin can retain moisture.

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    Mathias suffers a great deal from skin problems, especially on his face, neck and arms. At times, his skin becomes so dry that he wakes up in the night because his head, neck and eyes itch. This bad sleeping pattern sometimes lasts for 1–2 weeks before he can sleep normally again by using medicines.
    In the Help my Skin Project, Mathias gets help to reduce his skin problems with effective skincare products.

    Skin with eczema is often characterised by a thin and perforated epidermis. When the skin’s barrier is weakened, the skin has difficulty retaining moisture. This also means that, even though you use moisturisers, the moisture disappears in the course of the day. Beauté Pacifique’s skin expert, Mie, helps Mathias to get stronger skin so the moisture he applies to his skin via his skincare products will also provide a higher moisture level for many hours.

    Watch the video and find out how to care for dry and eczema-prone skin in the best possible way.

    The periods I used to have with very dry skin and eczema are almost gone.

    Mathias after the Help my Skin Project

    The products that helped Mathias

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