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From eczema over the entire body to well-moisturised skin

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Vivi has lived with skin problems for many years. Actually, 40 years to be precise. But the meeting with Beauté Pacifique gave her the perfect skincare routine and better skin.

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    As an 18-year old, Vivi worked at a grill bar where there was a table that contained nickel. This became the starting point of a life with skin problems as the frequent contact with the table resulted in eczema and redness in the skin. Vivi discovered that she had developed nickel eczema – but it didn’t stop here.

    – It all became worse when it developed into eczema. My hands were the worst but then it also began on my body. I don’t know what to do anymore, says an upset Vivi.

    Today, Vivi is 59 years old and can look back on a life with not just eczema over her entire body, but also skin problems such as acne and sensitive skin.
    – It bothers me every day. It itches and irritates, and I am aware that the skin on my face is not attractive. It affects my self-confidence and no matter what I do, I don’t feel that my skin is nice, says Vivi.

    After years of spending time and energy trying to prevent triggering her eczema, but without finding specific skincare that helped her with just that, Vivi met Beauté Pacifique’s skin specialist, Maria. Maria helps people to get better skin every day, and she is in no doubt that she can also help Vivi.

    – I always start by scanning the skin. The scan image shows the condition of the skin and in Vivi’s case, I could see that her epidermis was very thin and weakened. The skin is the body’s largest organ and has a very important barrier function. If the barrier function is weakened, then it’s not good at protecting the body against external influences and it is not good at retaining moisture, explains Maria, who had a clear message for Vivi: The epidermis must be strengthened. You must use products that provide optimal moisture that lasts a long time, and then we need to remedy your acne with a night cream that is absolutely right.

    The products work and there is already a visible difference. My skin become nicer looking, I have less irritation and itching by my eyes, mouth and nose, and generally, my skin is no longer so irritated. My colleagues have also noticed the difference.

    Vivi after 30 days use

    On the last day of the Help my Skin Project, Vivi’s skin is scanned again. And the comparison between the first and latest scan images is striking. The scan image that was taken before the programme began showed that Vivi’s epidermis was thin and perforated. The latest scan image shows that it is now double the thickness! Furthermore, the scan images also show that the structure of the skin has become smoother, and this can also be seen physically when you look at Vivi’s skin.

    – I am just so delighted that I have found some products that work, smiles Vivi, who declares that she is really satisfied with the result from the Help my Skin Project.

    The first scan image of Vivi’s skin, which shows that the epidermis is thin and thus more vulnerable to damage from external factors.

    The latest scan image of Vivi’s skin, which shows a much thicker and robust epidermis. It now protects the subcutis, which is also much tighter in the collagen network in the deeper layers.

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