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Free of eczema after 14 years

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Meet Rikke, who has suffered from eczema since she was a child

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    The dry, eczema-like skin around the mouth and nose has disappeared after using the recommended products.

    When Rikke talked to other people, she was always aware of whether their glance noticed the eczema on her face. Correct skincare helped her to an everyday life without embarrassment.

    Rikke’s skin problems began in third grade, where she developed eczema and also grass pollen and food allergies. As a child she could keep her eczema calm by using a greasy cream, but it got worse over the years and the doctor prescribed medicine for the eczema which was now on her face, neck and scalp and on her hands. But using the medicine also meant side-effects.
    – The prescribed products are harsh and result in a bad itch that is difficult to resist. It bothers me a lot and I often get irritated and get in a bad mood, Rikke explains about living with eczema.

    Life with eczema
    It is actually not abnormal at all that eczema has such an impact on one’s daily life. Some people experience problems sleeping, others have difficulty concentrating and for Rikke, it also meant that she was limited in her choice of clothing.
    – I have to wear loose-fitting clothes, because otherwise I provoke the eczema. Also, an otherwise lovely bath can irritate my skin because when I take a bath, my skin becomes tight and erupts, explains Rikke, touching the loose red skin around her mouth. There are almost scabs on her eyelids because of her very dry skin.

    Stronger skin
    At Beauté Pacifique Rikke meets skin specialist Maria Kroll. During her 12 years as a consultant at Beauté Pacifique, Maria has advised many people who have skin problems. Often, the right skincare can make a huge difference when the skin has to become stronger, more even and well-moisturised.

    – The most important thing is to have strong skin. Strong skin means protection from external influences while keeping moisture in. When the epidermis becomes thin and perforated, the skin feels dry. So we need to work on strengthening your skin, Maria explains to Rikke, while they look at the scan image which clearly shows how the white line, which represents the epidermis in the image, is uneven and fragile.

    I have only had one eczema outbreak. Normally I would have had 2–3 outbreaks in the period. I have been able to keep the outbreaks down with medicines and I have also used body lotion to get a soothing effect. The cream from the doctor is actually really strong and makes my skin itch.

    Rikke, after 30 days use

    No more eczema
    Three months later, Rikke is meeting Maria again. The dry eyelids are healed, her scalp is free of eczema and Rikke is no longer so self-conscious about her skin and its condition.
    – I am no longer aware of people looking at the skin around my mouth, says Rikke who, because she was so busy, eased off her skincare routines, after which the condition of her skin quickly deteriorated again.

    – Rikke’s epidermis has clearly become stronger. In addition, we also focused on adding moisture to the skin and we can see this clearly on Rikke’s face, says Maria Kroll. The white line that can be seen in the scan images shows the uppermost layer of skin. In the first image, it is uneven, while it has become strengthened after the three-month programme.

    Rikke’s skin before the programme. The epidermis is uneven, so dirt and grime can penetrate the skin.

    Rikke’s skin after the programme where the epidermis is strengthened and closed.

    The products that helped Rikke

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