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You are safe to stay outside when using our Vitamin A products

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Our unique formulation with Vitamin A esters makes the products safe to use in the sun

We are often asked, if you can stay in the sun when using a cream with Vitamin A?
The short answer is: Yes! You can. At least with the Beauté Pacifque Vitamin A products.

You have might heard, that Vitamin A products makes your skin thinner and more sensitive to the sun. But those products are based on the ingredient Retinol.

Ours are not.

The unique Beauté Pacifique Vitamin A products are based on stable Vitamin A esters that are transformed into Retinol deep in skin. Our patented delivery ables the products to penetrate deep into to skin – and so the Vitamin A esters, encapsulated in droplets of Squalane, are transportet deep into the skin, where the ingredients are transformed into Retinol by the skin’s own biology.

Deep in the skin sufficient amounts of Vitamin A estres (now transformed into Retinol) provide a younger skin by a remarkable rejuvenating action.

Our delivery system allows us to produce Vitamin A products with documented effect – without making the skin thin and sensitive to light exposure.
So you can use Beauté Pacifique Vitamin A products both summer and winter – and you can stay outside as usual.

But any case: Do remember always to use a sunscreen, when you stay in the sun.