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Tips & Advises
Do you use your eye cream correctly?
Avoid your eye lids, when you apply your eye cream. Always. Get our best tips for applying your eye cream correctly
Need help choosing your night cream?
Our easy guide to choosing the night cream that suits your skin type
Masculinity - the skin care line for men
Skin care products for the quality-conscious man
Do your skin care products work?
How can you see if the products you’re using are really doing their job?
Our special fragrances are tolerated by even sensitive skin
The Beauté Pacifique fragrances are developed, so they are tolerated by almost everyone - even those with sensitive skin
You are safe to stay outside when using our Vitamin A products
Our unique formulation with Vitamin A esters makes the products safe to use in the sun
If I may ask - does this cream have a transport system?
Beauté's transport system – a patented method 
Summer, sun, sunscreen and sun knowledge
Sun tips for you