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A new skincare routine made all the difference

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Ditte has always been tormented by her skin. As a child she was diagnosed with atopic dermatitis. Later on, acne and rosacea appeared, and in her mid-twenties, Ditte found out that she also suffered from PCOS. Altogether pretty bothersome in everyday life.

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    But the worst thing for Ditte was eczema combined with the large, inflamed acne outbreaks she had been having regularly over the past ten years. These outbreaks could last for many days and were very painful.

    – It is so overpowering. You are really vulnerable when it comes to your skin, explains Ditte. She explains that the condition of her skin affects her so much that she doesn’t want to participate in social functions like weddings, for example. Not even makeup can hide the skin problems when they’re at their worst, because her skin is extremely sensitive due to her eczema, so she cannot tolerate wearing makeup. Only just a little foundation on the worst places.

    Ditte meets one of Beauté Pacifique’s skin specialists, Mona, who scans her skin with our ultrasound scanner, which shows a cross-section of the skin. Based on this, Mona can show Ditte what is going on in her skin.

    – If we look at your epidermis (the white line at the far left of the image, ed.), we can see that the skin is thin and perforated. It can be compared to tiny windows that are left ajar which let bacteria, pollution, dirt and grime into the skin. This means that the skin becomes easier to damage because the epidermis is not intact. Typically for skin with eczema, the epidermis is thin if harsh products are used for the eczema, but a side-effect is that the skin becomes thinner. Therefore, we must first of all make sure we close these windows so that your skin becomes thicker and more intact, and the external factors cannot penetrate and do damage and block the pores. And we do this with our Vitamin A products, explains Mona.

    A regular routine paved the way
    In the initial couple of weeks after Ditte began using the products which the scan showed her skin needed, she did not experience any great difference. There were still outbreaks on her skin and she couldn’t feel an effect. But that changed within a short period of time.

    Because Ditte kept strictly to the routine and suddenly her skin began to change. This meant that the eczema outbreaks disappeared and the acne slowly but surely tapered off.

    Sometimes the skin has to get used to the products, and it differs from person to person how fast we can see and feel their effect. If there are some impurities in the subcutis, they will often come up to the surface when we begin cleansing and using effective creams. But afterwards, the skin begins to normalise and it is worth the wait, according to Ditte. She tells that creating a good, regular skincare routine has made all the difference.

    “I am extremely happy. Finally, my skin is getting better.”

    Ditte, after 30 days use

    The scan showed clear results
    When Ditte’s skin was scanned again three months later, it was also clear to see that her skin had changed. The small perforations in the epidermis had closed and there was also much more activity in the skin, which can be seen by the light colours in the scan image. Ditte beamed with joy and was convinced to continue the good work with her new daily routines. Ditte’s skin has become much more even-toned and really nice, and Ditte happily tells us that she does not need to wear foundation any more but just uses a little mascara.

    If you ask Ditte, the whole difference is precisely because it has become a routine to cleanse her skin thoroughly and use the right creams afterwards. She says that previously, she always provoked her eczema around her eyes when she used a makeup remover, but Beauté Pacifique’s Eye Makeup Remover does not irritate her skin. It just works, she cheers! In addition, she also raved about the One Step Cleansing Water, which is easy to use for cleansing the skin.

    – It’s brilliant for someone like me who previously slept with makeup on because I couldn’t be bothered to do a cleansing process in the evening, admits Ditte. Moreover, the Body Lotion for dry skin has a special place in Ditte’s heart, as it helps the eczema on her body. Ditte’s niece, too, who also suffers from atopic dermatitis, has found out about it and always wants to use it when she visits Aunty Ditte.

    – It’s JUST divine! I wouldn’t want to go back to the beginning, when, for instance, I had an eczema outbreak every second day, Ditte points out.

    Cross-section of Ditte’s skin from the first scan, where the epidermis has tiny perforations.

    Cross-section of Ditte’s skin from the latest scan, where the epidermis is intact.

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