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Wake up to a day without new pimples

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Acne is not something you need to live with. Get expert help to choose the correct products.

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    23-year old Karoline is tired of acne and irritations on her face and always having to use makeup. Before she registered for the Help my Skin Project, every morning she counted how many new pimples she had developed, and she never left home without makeup.

    – I want calm skin. Skin that is just allowed to be skin without having to use makeup every day, said Karoline to the Skin Expert from Beauté Pacifique.

    Karoline is one of many, many people who suffer from spotty skin as adults. Some become good at covering their spots with makeup, others just stay away from social contexts when their skin problems are at their worst. Common to the majority of them is that acne is an embarrassing problem one would rather do without.

    And you can. But it requires optimising your skincare and using the correct products. At Beauté Pacifique we are experts in looking at skin and, with our professional ultrasound scanner, we can see the condition deep down in the skin. In this way we can compile a skincare programme to help every single customer.

    Karoline had the scan in our major Help my Skin Project. She was given guidance on how she can strengthen her skin, reduce overproduction of oil and sebum – and, not least, get rid of the sun damage Karoline had developed by staying out in the sun too long without sunscreen.

    Watch the video and learn what you can do to prevent acne and facial skin irritations.

    Before, when I woke up in the morning I went to the mirror to check how many new pimples I had. Now I am surprised if there are any at all.

    Caroline after the Project Help my Skin


    The products that helped Karoline

    SuperFruit Skin Enforcement Day Creme - all skin
    Micellar Cleansing Water
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