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Impure skin

Impurities and pimples can lead to increased self-awareness and our self-esteem can suffer. No one deserves this and our goal is to help anyone who wants a better skin.

Our products are for many a SOS tools in the fight against pimples, as they are an extremely effective help on your journey towards a better skin.

More self-confidence with nicer skin
Ann-Kathrine was tired of being withdrawn because of her skin problems.
What is acne?
Learn more about acne and what you can do to control the condition.
Adult acne
Control your adult acne with the correct skincare products.
Acne controlled Marie’s life
Most people have experienced getting the occasional pimple or two, but it can be difficult to understand the major influence acne can have on life if you have never had it yourself. Marie knows all about this.
Wake up to a day without new pimples
Acne is not something you need to live with. Get expert help to choose the correct products.
A new skincare routine made all the difference
Ditte has always been tormented by her skin. As a child she was diagnosed with atopic dermatitis. Later on, acne and rosacea appeared, and in her mid-twenties, Ditte found out that she also suffered from PCOS. Altogether pretty bothersome in everyday life.
Goodbye to teenage skin
Get rid of spotty skin as an adult
Daily life without acne
Meet Sille who had problems with acne