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Goodbye to teenage skin

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Get rid of spotty skin as an adult

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    When, as teenagers, we imagine being adults, there are many things we look forward to getting rid of – such as spotty skin and pimples. Because this is part of being a teenager. Or is it?

    – I began dealing with spots on my face in 7th grade. Later, it spread to my back and chest, and it made me feel insecure. But I thought that it would go away when I got older, explains Nicolai Fast Sørensen.

    But it didn’t.

    Today, Nikolai is 32 years old and still has problems with his skin. The inflamed, tender and irritated skin affects him not only physically but also mentally.
    – I feel that I cannot be the person I want to be. I think I would be more extrovert if I had nicer skin. It’s embarrassing to have spotty skin when you’re an adult. Spotty skin belongs to your teenage years, says a disappointed Nikolai.

    The feeling of being an adult
    Nikolai has tried to combat his spotty skin with pills from the doctor, but that only helped a little. But he wants an end to spotty skin once and for all, so he has agreed to meet the skin expert from Beauté Pacifique.
    – My wish is for my spotty skin and sebaceous pimples to disappear so I can feel like an adult, says Nikolai prior to his meeting with Maria.

    Many men are reticent about skincare. But when they see and experience effective results, then they don’t mind using it.

    Maria, Skin specialist

    During her 12½ years at Beauté Pacifique, Maria has helped many people get healthier, stronger and more evenly toned skin. And after scanning Nikolai’s skin, she knows what she needs to focus on so he can get the skin he wants.

    – Your epidermis (the white line) is thin and ‘leaky’. You can see the tiny perforations in the surface. When the epidermis is perforated, then bacteria and dirt can penetrate the skin and damage it. In addition, the structure down in your skin is not as tight as it could be, and this has an impact on the appearance of the skin. Therefore, your most important task now is to make the epidermis stronger and more resistant, and to strengthen the foundation down in the skin so it appears healthier and with a more even skin tone, explains Maria.

    The products that helped Nicolai

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    No effect right away – but hope for the future
    Nicolai has three months to strengthen his skin before he has to meet with Maria again and he starts by following the instructions. But there isn’t any effect right away and Nicolai slowly starts to doubt whether his new routine can help him to get a better skin.

    – Even though I couldn’t see a difference I could feel that the skin felt softer and less tight than before, says Nicolai.

    Maria explains that some see results at en early stage while others have to wait a little longer. Many different aggravating factors play a role and most important of them all that you do your skincare routine continuously. When it comes to spotty skin it is also important that you cleanse your skin and then you must not give up if an outbreak of impurities appears in the first weeks. The skin needs to be cleansed in the deep layers.


    The scan image of Nicolai's skin shows that he needs to strengthen his skin - both the epidermis and in the deeper layers. The epidermis is thin and filled with holes and the tissue in the deeper layers of skin is weak.

    It appears from the last scan image of Nicolai's skin that there are a better structure in the deeper layers. That contributes to strengthen the skin and create a nicer and more even surface.

    Nicolai is excited when showing up for the last day of scanning in the Help my Skin Project. He thinks that it has been a good experience to use the products.
    – The products are good and easy to use and I am glad that I have gotten a daily routine that fits my skin says Nicolai. He is especially happy about the fact that he has started to use a facial scrub and a facial mask since it gives him a clean feeling. And also that the creams do not leave greasy residue which he has experienced before.

    A scan of Nicolai’s skin after using the products also shows that they have helped his skin in a better condition. The skin has gotten a nice barrier coincident while the skin has been strengthen under the surface. The many bumps has been smoothened og the skin around the nose does not seem as red as before.

    – It is nice to see that the skin has changed also on the scan concludes Nicolai.
    – The journey has just begun. Keep using the products to see further improvements says Maria.

    Get rid of spotty skin

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