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Our water-based & skin-friendly perfume is here!
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Ouverture - A skin-friendly perfume

Beauté Pacifique’s first scent. Yes, you read that right.

We are very excited to announce the launch of Ouverture which is our very first Eau de Toilette. Ouverture has a magical scent, and its name indicates a new beginning at Beauté Pacifique, and we are looking forward to seeing where this new journey might take us.

Our talented development department has developed this unique water-based Eau de Toilette which scent has the most wonderful and natural notes unveiled by pure water resulting in complete avoidance of drying solvents such as alcohol.

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Peeling, scrubbing, exfoliating – is it important?
Peeling, scrubbing, exfoliating – is it important?
Put on the mask - and take your skin care to new heights
Put on the mask - and take your skin care to new heights
How long does it take to develop a new product?
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