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Day cream

We protect your skin

Our day creams are designed to protect your skin against the many external influences it gets exposed to every single day.

And it is important because skin needs to retain heat and moisture, and protect your body against all those external influences. Healthy, strong, intact skin is a better barrier against external influences – and ages more slowly.

Do you have doubts about which day cream to choose? Get a free ultra-sound scan and consultation with one of our many expert consultants.

Masculinity Moisturizing Day Creme
$ 70
Oil-Free Moisturizer
$ 80
Moisturizing Day Creme - dry skin
$ 58
Moisturizing Day Creme - all skin types
$ 58
Crème Paradoxe
$ 137
D-Force Anti-Age Day Creme
$ 100
Crème Symphonique Day-Time, Dry Skin
$ 149
Crème Symphonique Day-Time
$ 149
SuperFruit Skin Enforcement Day Creme - dry skin
$ 67
SuperFruit Skin Enforcement Day Creme - all skin
$ 67
Crème Lactique AHA Anti-Wrinkle Creme
$ 99

A day cream protects your skin against external influences

A day cream is an everyday face moisturiser that should only be used in the day time. Day creams are made from special ingredients that protect the skin against external influences. Therefore, the cream should only be applied to the face in the morning.

At night you should rather use a night cream that replenishes the skin, making it ready for the next day.


Protective layer on top of the skin

During the day, we expose our skin to different external influences, such as sunlight, cold, dust and air pollution, as well as things like air condition or computer screens that tend to dry out our skin.

A day cream will put a protective layer on top of the skin, so that it will not get affected by the external influences as much. In that way, your skin will stay healthy and vital for as long as possible.


Use a day cream that matches your skin’s needs

When choosing a day cream it is important to look for one that matches your skin type. You can risk worsening some of the problems that you already have, if you use a moisturising day cream that does not match your skin type.

Or you might cause problems that you previously have not had any problems with.


Find your skin type yourself

To figure out, which skin type you have you should cleanse your skin completely from any product, and then both take a look at your skin and feel the texture of it.

Do your skin feel tight or a bit too small for your face? You might notice that some of your skin is starting to peel off? If this is the case, your skin is dry and you need to use products that give your skin a lot of moisture. A good day moisturising cream will be the ideal for you.

On the other hand, if you feel that your skin is more shiny and even feels oily and clammy then you need to use products for acne prone skin. A light day cream without oil is ideal for you, because this type will quickly be absorbed into your skin and, therefore, not heavy it down.

You might have a skin type that is a combination of the two. Dry skin on the cheeks and oily skin in the T-zone. Then you should choose a good day cream for combination skin.


Moisturising day cream for dry skin types

A moisturising day cream is developed to give your face lots of moisture, as well as protect it from external influences that may dry out your skin. They are also developed to keep your skin healthy, soft and elastic, so you can make any facial movement without it feeling tight.

Make sure to pick a moisturiser that is able to preserve the moisture that is already in your skin, as well as add more. It should also protect your skin from external influences.


Get the most optimal effect of your moisturising day cream

When you apply your moisturising cream shortly after a bath your skin will already feel moist, and then it has better conditions to preserve the moisture that you add through your day cream. This also applies if you apply your cream after washing your face.

If you apply a moisturiser on skin that is completely dried out, it will not have anything to work with, and therefore not work as well.   


Day cream for oily skin

Day creams for oily skin have been especially developed to reduce the development of natural skin oil – also called sebum. If your skin feels oily and you have a tendency to get pimples, it is because your skin overproduces sebum, which clogs up your pores. A day cream for oily skin will regulate the production of sebum, as well as add moisture to your skin.

If you have a tendency to get oily skin and pimples you should choose an oil-free cream, because the oil will only add more fattyness to your skin.

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