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Is your skin in need of extra special care?

When your skin is in need of extra special care, we have the perfect skin care products for you. 

Is your skin dry and irritable? Do you experience blemishes and redness in your skin? Or do you fight scars or stretch marks.  

Either way, we have the best skin care products for you and your skin. 

X-Tra Dry Skin Fix
$ 68
Scars & Stripes
$ 159
$ 68
Vitamin A
Line Combat Fluid
15-100 ml.
From $ 99

Special products and skin care – for your skin

Our skin is the most important organ of our body. When it comes to protection, your skin plays a vital role. It protects you from external influences such as pollution, sun and heat, while maintaining a natural level of moisture in your skin. 

Sometimes, your skin needs help. Our collection of Specials products is the skin care you need. Our line of products consists of proactive skin care creams, that provide special care for your skin. 

At Beauté Pacifique, you will always find the best natural skin care in Australia. 

Moisture and repair for extra dry skin

Skin can be dry, and sometimes it can be extremely dry. This can be painful, because your skin feels tight and uncomfortable. It can even leave your skin looking red and flaky. 

We have the perfect aid for your skin. Our Special repairing and moisturizing skin cream is the ideal skin product for extremely dry skin. 

The cream is a wonderful product with multiple purposes. It is not only ideal as face skin care – the moisturizer is excellent for almost every part of your body. Dry feet, hands and elbows are easily treated with the special moisturizer, as well as other areas of your body.

Do you suffer from eczema or psoriasis? The repairing cream will calm and soothe any irritation in your skin. 

Cream for stretch marks and scars

Have life left you with stretch marks or scars? Scars and stripes can be beautiful – they make you you. However, we understand if you want to cover your marks – and we can help you. 

When you want to prevent and treat scars and stretch marks, the repairing Scars & Stripes cream is remarkably effective. The cream is designed to reduce redness and normalize lost tissue, leaving your stripes and scars less visible. 

The repairing Special cream is perfect for all skin types. Depending on your skin, the cream boosts your skin’s elasticity, reduces redness and softens your skin. Use the product morning and evening, and feel the difference. 

The best daily skin care routine 

In order for you to maintain a healthy and beautiful-looking skin, a daily skin care routine is necessary. By implementing a daily routine, you can prevent damages from the sun and dryness. 

Every day, your face is exposed to many external influences. Weather, pollution and dirt are just a few examples of the ‘enemies’ your skin fights on a daily basis. You can help you skin by treating it to a daily skin care routine. 

A complete skin care routine can consist of very few products. A cleanser and moisturizer are must-haves, and they can easily become a natural part of your day. Treat yourself and your skin with the best skin care routine for you. You will see and feel the results instantly. 

When you need extra Special care, you can trust our products.

Proactive skin care for your skin

All skin is beautiful. Wrinkles, scars and sun damages are all signs of the life you have lived. We think your skin is beautiful, because it tells a story. However, we understand if you feel the need to treat of cover your damages.

We have specialized in proactive and fresh skin care, which prevent and repair signs of ageing, fights stretch marks and sun damages. Here, you will always find the best skin care products in Australia. 

Wonders from the North – skin care products in Australia

Beauté Pacifique is a Danish brand, specialising in treatment for signs of age and sun damages. We provide our best skin care products in Australia, so you can benefit from our nordic skin care.

Our line consists of natural skin care products, made for your skin. We are one of the most experienced skin care companies in the world. Luckily, you can buy our Special skin care creams online in Australia. 

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