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Masks, scrubs & exfoliants

When you feel that your skin needs extra care and cleansing, you can apply a scrub.

By exfoliating the skin, you get deeper into the skin than just the surface, and the skin is effectively cleansed. If you need more moisture, a mask is a great tool to regain moisture balance and the feeling of well-being in your skin.

Deep Pore Cleansing Mask
$ 48
Gentle Facial Exfoliator
$ 57
Clinical Super3 Exfoliator
$ 89
Masculinity Double Action Facial Scrub
$ 49
Instant Hydrating Mask
$ 73

Use face masks as a supplement to your daily skin care routine

You should include masks in your skin care routine, because they give something else to your facial skin than your facial cleanser and moisturising cream. The ingredients in face masks are much more concentrated, which is why they should only be applied once or twice a week.

Face scrubs, deep cleansing masks and moisturising masks are important to include in your basic facial care products. They give an extra boost of nutrition to your skin that your everyday day- and night cream do not manage to do, and then they make you feel extra clean and healthy.


Deep cleansing skin care

Face masks cleanses more in depth compared to your everyday cleanser, and they give you a boost of energy, nutrition and extra care.

Using face masks, therefore, makes your skin more accepting towards the nutritional ingredients that it receives from the following skin care products, such as facial cleanser and moisturising cream.

The deep cleansing that occurs replenishes the skin, making it fresh and ready for new products to be applied.


Exfoliating face scrub to remove dead skin cells

When you use your basic skin care products, such as your basic facial cleansing products, you only remove excess dirt from the surface of your face. With masks you cleanse more deeply and this makes you able to remove dead skin cells that will clog up your pores.

A face exfoliator contains peeling microscopic grain that exfoliates the skin, therefore, removing that outer layer of the skin, which is already dead. This process forces the skin cells to renew much quicker than they would if you had not removed the dead skin.

By exfoliating the skin once or twice a week you continuously keep the skin free from fat and sebum that will clog up your pores.


Use face scrub once or twice a week

If you use a good exfoliating face scrub a few times a week, your skin will be more receivable towards your day cream and night cream, because your pores will be open. Regular exfoliation of the skin starts blood circulation, which gives your face a healthy and natural glow.

To be sure that your skin is ready to be exfoliated you should at most use a facial scrub twice a week. Exfoliating your face more will only cause irritation and redness, because there will not be any dead skin cells to remove.

If your face gets easily irritated or red, you should choose an exfoliating face scrub for sensitive skin.


Repair problem areas with facial masks

Masks penetrate the skin more deeply than a basic facial cleanser, which is why they can repair that which needs extra care. The result can be seen and felt almost immediately. You will feel more clean and your skin will have an extra glow.


Dry skin treatment

If your skin at times feel dried out or maybe it feels that your skin peels of you can benefit from using a face mask for dry skin.

You probably already use a moisturising cream for dry skin, but in order to give your face an extra boost of moisture you should try a moisturising mask. You will immediately feel the difference just after 10 minutes of use.

A moisturising mask rebuilds and lifts the moisture level in the skin, making it feel more elastic and healthy.

To get the most optimal effect, you should use the mask at night after your face has been exposed to sun, wind and air pollution throughout the day.


Deep cleansing face masks for acne prone skin

Deep cleansing masks are perfect for you, who struggles with acne and needs a bit more help to fight the pimples in the T-zone.

Our clay mask consists of three different kinds of clay that soak up all excess fat from the surface of the skin, so pimples will have a harder time growing. If you look for a face mask for pimples, this will be the one.

The mask also has a mild numbing effect, which fights irritation. After using the mask, your skin will feel much more smooth and significantly less oily.

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