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The best way to take care of your skin is by giving it moisture.

But it does not matter what kind of moisturiser you use – it really depends on your skin type. Maybe you have combined skin and therefore need a moisturising cream without oil? Or dry skin that needs a special moisture care?

No matter what kind of skin type you have, we have a moisturiser that suits you – even if you have sensitive skin.

Masculinity Moisturizing Day Creme
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Moisturizing Day Creme - dry skin
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SuperFruit Skin Enforcement Day Creme - all skin
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Moisturise your skin everyday – and it will love you

The recipe for healthy and nourished skin is moisture. Your skin actually cannot get too much moisture – especially in the cold.

The older we get our skin will gradually lose some of its elasticity, which is why adult skin needs much more moisture than baby skin. If your skin is not moisturised it will feel dry, and you might feel a tightness when you move your face.


The miracle maker

Dry skin treatment consists of a good everyday face moisturiser containing ingredients that moisturises, as well as binds the moisture to the skin.

A moisturiser for dry skin will add moisture to your skin, and at the same time it will try to maintain the moisture by applying a protective layer on top of the skin, which prevents the moisture from evaporating.


Moisturisers are especially important in cold weather

Skin is an organ that reacts to that, which it comes in contact with. Therefore, you will notice a reaction on the skin when it comes in contact with sun, cold, wind etc.

When the temperature drops and you feel a great difference from the temperature outside to inside, your skin will lose a lot of its natural moisture. The change in temperature affects the skin’s ability to preserve a normal moisture level.


In cold weather the skin needs help retaining moisture

In cold temperatures your face might feel tight – almost as if the skin is too small. The skin, therefore, needs help retaining moisture to make it more elastic.

Therefore, you should use a moisturiser every day – especially in colder weather – to make sure that your skin gets the moisture that it needs.


Moisture is essential for pimple free skin

A well-moisturised skin is an important part of your skin’s health. If you want to repair blemishes or pimples, it is impossible if your skin screams after thirst. Moisture is, therefore, essential to make anything else work properly.

Very dry skin cannot absorb the nourishing ingredients that are given to it through your basic facial care.


How moisturisers give your skin moisture

When finding the right hydrating face moisturiser for your face, it is important that you choose a variant that fits your skin type. In that way, you make sure that the cream will not worsen some of the problems you already have or create new ones.

If you have sensitive skin it is important that you choose a face moisturiser for dry and sensitive skin – preferably without perfume.

It is also important to look for a moisturiser that contains natural humectants, which not only adds moisture, but also binds the moisture to the skin cells. Ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerin and urea is what you should look for.


Squalane oil – a natural transport system

Another ingredient that we love is Squalane oil, which is already a part of our skin. The oil works as a transport system, because it helps transfer the active ingredients deep under the skin’s layers. Also, it prevents the moisture from dehydrating.

In general, the skin cells will always try to keep the moisture in your skin, but you cannot avoid some of it dehydrating, which is why the skin cells need help.

A moisturiser will place a protective layer on top of the skin that helps skin cells maintain moisture in the skin.


Avoid moisturisers with oil if you have oily skin

If you have oily or greasy skin you might think that the right solution is to dry your skin out. It seems illogical to add moisture to skin that is already “moist”, but this is untrue.

When you do not give skin the moisture that it needs, it gets confused and starts overproducing sebum to compensate for the lack of moisture. This makes your skin even more oily and you might get a lot of pimples.

The best anti blemish moisturiser has a light consistency and it does not contain any oil. Adding oil to oily skin will only make things worse. You might also choose a moisturiser with a matting effect, which makes sure that your face does not shine during the day.

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