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Night cream

Replenish your skin while you sleep.

A night cream is developed to replenish and nurture the skin, while you sleep. At night the skin cells will renew themselves, which is why the cream should help your skin elicit old skin cells and generate new ones. In that way, you will wake up with ekstra beautiful and renewed skin.

Crème Paradoxe Night Creme
100 ml. Tube
Vitamin A
Crème Métamorphique
3-500 ml.
From $103
Vitamin A
Super3 Booster
3-500 ml.
From $104
Masculinity Anti-Age Creme
50 ml. Tube
SuperFruit Skin Enforcement Night Creme
50 ml. Jar

Night cream for extra nourishment at night

Once you go to sleep, the skin cells will automatically start to renew themselves. As soon as your skin gets rest it will start to rebuilt and repair itself.

Therefore, it is important that you use moisturisers that are developed to support this renewal process. In that way, your skin will get the extra care and nourishment to preserve the strength and vitality that give healthy, beautiful and well-cared-for skin.


What is the difference between a day cream and night cream?

In the daytime, your skin is exposed to a lot of external influences such as sun, wind and air pollution. At night your skin has no need to protect itself from external influences. That is why we can formulate our night creams differently than our day creams.

Day creams are developed to protect your skin from the external factors, while night creams are developed to kickstart the natural renewal process of skin cells. Night creams, therefore, have higher concentrations of the active ingredients that renew and replenish your skin.


Always choose a night cream that fits your skin type

A great night cream should have a revitalising effect. It should nurture, moisture and start a process, where old skin cells are removed and new are generated.

When choosing a night cream you should also make sure to choose one that is developed for your skin type. The cream should replenish your skin naturally and prevent any problems arising. Therefore, if you have oily skin and you choose a night cream for dry skin you can worsen the problems you already have. The same can happen if you have a dry skin type and you use a cream developed for oily skin.


Benefits of night cream

The benefits of a night cream is that it is applied at night, where it gets peace to do its work, without having to deal with makeup or any other kind of factors that can counteract its effect. Therefore, a night cream is indispensable if you have skin problems that you would like to amend.

You can get firming night creams, anti aging night creams and night creams for glowing skin. Choose one that fits the issues you are dealing with and you will get most benefits from the cream.


Active ingredients encapsulated in Squalane oil

Our night creams are built on a patented transport system, in which the active ingredients are encapsulated in Squalane oil. Squalane oil is easily absorbed by your skin, because it already is a natural part of our skin.  Actually around 10 % of the skin fat that are daily extracted from our sebaceous glands are Squalane oil.

By encapsulating the active ingredients in Squalane oil, the ingredients will be absorbed much quicker, because the oil is already known by our skin. The active ingredients will then be transported right down into the deep layers of the skin, where the cell renewal takes place – and where it has the most optimal effect.


Best night cream for wrinkle prevention

Squalane also helps getting the skin more elastic, and then it smoothes out wrinkles. Since Squalane oil is already familiar by our skin, it is well received. It gets absorbed deep in the skin cells and fills out evenly so that your pores gets less visible.

At the same time Squalane is great at keeping the skin’s moisture level at a high. It also give you a great supplement of A and E vitamin, which have an improving effect on the skin.

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