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Beauté’s Christmas Game 2023

Do you love skin care and vouchers?

At Beauté Pacifique we kick off Christmas 2023 with our annual Christmas game, which is a scratch calendar this year. As a winner, you get to choose your own prize, since there is a voucher hidden behind each winner’s door you get to choose what your prize should be from our webshop.

We select 1 winner each day from the 1st of December until and including the 24th of December – and on Sundays, we increase the vouchers’ amount.

  • Monday to Saturday the vouchers are for $100
  • On the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Sunday of December, the vouchers are for $330
  • On the 4th Sunday – which is the 24th of December this year – the voucher is for $1000

It is easy to participate in the Christmas game. Scratch the door of the day with our special Beauté Pacifique coin. Hereafter, you are told right away if you are the lucky winner of the day and if you are, you will immediately receive a voucher by email (perhaps check your spam filter). The voucher is your personal voucher – remember to save it


Play here


You can participate in the Christmas Game every day, but only once a day.

To participate in the Christmas Game we need your information, such as your name, email and date of birth.

Practical information about the Christmas Game:

  • It is free to participate and you can scratch one door each day
  • There is one winner each day
  • The vouchers can be used on Beauté Pacifique’s webshop until the 31st of January 2024
  • The vouchers cannot be used on Gift Boxes, Christmas offers, other offers and already discounted products


Lorraine / firkan***

Wendy / wen***

Tehani / tehan***

Donna / don***

Karen / blondi***

Sally / tip***

Alana Christidis / achristi***

Jo / jolem**

Karen / hofr***

Aneta / aneta***

Cassandra / cass***

Rikke / roc**

dasdjaisodjoias / da***

Laura // laurasol****

Melicia / meli****

Suzanne / suza****

Samantha Perone / sperone**

Natalie / natalie_*****

Marie / kathl*****

Natalie / nss****

Silvana / silvanar*******

Kim / kch****

Sandra / Sandy_******