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These weeks we are focusing on masks as the great addition to your regular skincare routine. There are many different types of masks; some provide extra moisture, others provide deep cleansing, some can be used as a treatment, while others can be used for exfoliation.

At Beauté Pacifique, we develop products that contain specific properties, and masks in particular are our ‘experts’. When we call them experts, we mean products that focus on doing one thing for your skin – for example, deep cleansing or moisturising.

We do not make products that can do the same. We decide what a moisturising mask should do, for example, and then we put together the best ingredients for just that purpose and make one cream. In this way, we believe we can get, for example, the best moisturising mask for the face or the most effective clay mask.

And then we can’t say masks without also highlighting cleansing products and peeling. Masks, treatments and peelings are three skincare options your skin will love, and you’ll get the best results when cleansing, peeling and masks go hand in hand.

We’ve gathered our mask family below, where you’ll also find a pampering offer for you and your skin if you want to get started with the masks.

Need help on what the different products can do and when to use them? We’ve taken a closer look at the masks in this blog post, and also at the mechanical and chemical peels in the blog post here.

X-Tra Dry Skin Fix
$ 68
Instant Hydrating Mask
$ 73
Symphonique Micro-Needling Perfusion Therapy Treatment Kit
$ 35
Masculinity Double Action Facial Scrub
$ 49
Crème Lactique AHA Anti-Wrinkle Creme
$ 99
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