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Symphonique – a true masterpiece!

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Groundbreaking series that plays on all the anti-age strings of the skin care universe

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    We promise a Vitamin-A boost like no other. We have designed special microcapsules that release active ingredients during day and night. Now, we no longer only repair damage that has already occured in the skin – we use anti-oxidants that stop the sun’s aging before it even begins.

    All of the above – and a whole lot more benefits – have been poured onto elegant silver bottles and named SYMPHONIQUE.

    It takes time to dive into the newest dermatological research and put it to practice as well as hand-picking and combining ingredients to ensure that they work together as the symphonic unit that Symphonique is. More specifically, it took four years – and that means you get a true masterpiece that plays on all the anti-age strings of the entire skin care universe.

    Scroll down to read more about what Serum Symphonique, Crème Symphonique Day-Time and Crème Symphonique Night-Time can do for your skin.

    We guarantee that the products are ‘Crème de la Crème’ for the +45 skin.

    Meet Serum Symphonique – a serum that combines a moisture boost with an anti-age peptide technology

    When aging, the skin gradually becomes dryer and less plump. We can feel it and see it in the mirror. Serum Symphonique includes your new best friend when it comes to skin care. This bff is called Hyaluronic acid, and in our Serum Symphonique you will find not only one, but two types of it. Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in the skin and contributes to hydration, plumpness and elasticity due to its water-binding benefits. However, when the natural level of Hyaluronic acid in the skin starts to decrease the skin becomes dryer and more loose. With Serum Symphonique that includes two types of Hyaluronic acid, you get a powerful hydration boost in the skin’s deepest layers keeping it hydrated all day while giving you that plump look that many of us desire. As the serum is very active, you only need to apply a few drops.

    Serum Symphonique also includes our own Papain-based exfoliation concept that gently removes dead skin cells ensuring that the active ingredients have the most optimal effect. It also contains ingredients that enhance the skin’s resistance to damaging light – including red and blue light that we are exposed to from screens such as phones, tablets and computer screens.

    Crème Symphonique Day-Time: tailored care with long-term effects

    Crème Symphonique Day-Time combines the newest dermatological research of cosmetic skin care that works. The day cream combines multiple ingredients where each one has rejuvenating and restoring effects. Here, we have also included our special microcapsules that ensure the active ingredients are being released throughout the day, which keeps your skin’s rejuvenating process at work all day.

    In the making of Crème Symphonique Day-Time we have worked determinedly to created the most optimal day cream for those who want the optimal anti-age care for their skin.

    You get most from the product when combining it with the other products in the line: Crème Symphonique – Night Time and Serum Symphonique. The three products are designed to ensure that the ingredients form a complete unity when used together, just like the instruments in a Symphony where all instruments can be heard. All of the products are very active and you only need to use a small amount when using them on your skin.

    Crème Symphonique Night-Time: The star within anti-age

    Crème Symphonique Night-Time contains six types of Vitamin A that each have their own amazing benefits. Among these are Retinol, which has been encapsulated in our specially designed microcapsules that are protected against oxidation and decomposition. The microcapsules gradually burst and break down, the first time being when applied onto the skin and later during the night. That means you both get an immediate collagen-rebuilding anti-age effect as well as a long-term effect due to a deposit of Vitamin A deep in the skin.

    The many other ingredients all work together with each their own skin-enhancing quality resulting in a creme that functions as a unit and becomes a symfony providing the best optimal care for mature skin.

    Apply the creme directly on cleansed skin with one or two pumps and evenly distribute onto the skin using your fingers until the creme has penetrated the skin. You only need to apply a few pumps to cover your face. This night cream is very active – this means that you should not use it around the eyes and use it every other night in the beginning, so your skin can get use to the active ingredients.

    Serum Symphonique
    $ 120
    Crème Symphonique Day-Time
    $ 149
    Crème Symphonique Night-Time
    $ 155